General English, Academic or even English plus Surfing lessons! The choice is yours.

General English COURSE

Our most popular course offering a balanced programme for students who want to improve their daily English skill in all areas. High energy with a lot of speaking practise to increase students confidence in the real world.

Full Time:
Monday -Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm.
Friday 9:00am -12:00pm
Start any Monday.


IELTS -Elective

In our IELTS elective class students take our General English morning class and the afternoon class focuses on the technical skills required to pass this internationally recognised examiniation.

Sample -Full Time:
Monday -Thursday 8:45am-2:30pm
Friday 8:45am -12:00pm
Start any Monday.

English for Academic purposes

An intensive study program designed specifically to prepare international students for further academic studies including pathways into higher educational institutions in Australia.

Full Time:
Monday -Thursday 8:45am-2:30pm
Friday 8:45am -12:00pm


This condensed course allows students to study General English for a few days a week and still have enough free time to work and play. This course is perfect for students with part time jobs or busy lives!

Sample:Monday -Tuesday 8:10am-5:00pm
Wednesday 8:10am -2:15pm

English +SURFING

Study General English Monday to Friday with at least 2 afternoons gauranteed for surfing lessons with a professional surfing coach each week. Our beaches are warm and safe.

The actual surfing days may vary depending on the weather and student request.


Study General English Monday to Friday with Barista traing after scheduled school hours. A very useful skill if you intend to look for a part time job in a resturant or cafe here.

The number of barrista lessons are changeable depending on student request.


Pacific can plan exciting educational group tours. With sunshine all year round and our central beachside locations we are a very popular choice for study tour groups.

Please contact us for sample schedules/itinararies and pricing.